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McRaes Septic Tank and Power Sweeping Services
Residential Septic Service Company in BC

Is your house connected to a septic tank/field?

Mcrae’s septic tank service will come pump out your septic tank thus allowing many years of use without problems with your drain field. Our company will also clean out your soap and distribution boxes as well as cleaning the actual drainage field and providing enzyme treatments. Group rates are available if others in your neighborhood get theirs emptied at the same time. We can offer a computer maintenance recall program as a preventative maintenance measure. Just bought your home and don’t know where your tank or septic field is? No problem, we have and electronic locator for tanks and sewer lines.

In rural areas, the septic tank system is the most inexpensive and efficient method to dispose of household sewage. A septic tank system that is correctly designed, located, constructed and well maintained will function effectively and safely for years. An inadequately maintained system can seriously endanger health and the environment, and can lead to considerable nuisance and expense.

Septic Inspections

Our company is available for home maintenance, residential pre-sale and post-purchase septic inspections. The septic inspector will provide you with a report on the status of your septic system including information on whether the system needs replacement or repair. This report should be filed with your other septic system records.

Septic Repair and Maintenance

The septic system should be inspected at least once every two years and the septic tank pumped out and cleaned regularly. When you have your tank inspected or before you have it pumped out, ask your technician to measure the scum and sludge layer thickness. By doing this, your technician can determine the rate at which the solids accumulate in the tank and establish how often the septic tank should be pumped. Most households fall into a three to five year range for septic pumping frequency. Regular pumping and cleaning of the septic tank is the best preventative maintenance you can do and well worth the investment.

How to Avoid Chemical Contamination of your Septic System

Moderate use of household drain solvents, cleaners, disinfectants, etc., should not interfere with the operation of the septic tank system; however, indiscriminate use may cause problems.

Do not discharge water softener waste water into the septic tank, unless the system was designed for the extra capacity. Not only does the extra water decrease the capacity of your system, the added salts may lead to a failure of the leaching bed. Water softener waste water should be directed to a leaching pit.

The use of garbage grinders is discouraged as sludge accumulation in the septic tank can be increased by up to 40%. The tank will then have to be pumped annually.

Do not dispose of fuels, grease, paints, thinners, weed or insect killers, cigarette butts, condoms, paper towels, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc., into the septic tank system. A septic tank system can only handle bio-degradable items.

There should be no need to use commercial “starters,” “bacterial feeds,” or “cleaners.” Bacteria in a septic tank system occurs naturally.


We use TELAMODE biodegradable waste disposal products for septic system maintenance. TELAMODE products are cost efficient and have a wide range of use along with natural biodegradation. They are perfect for homes, RVs, and boats. and certified under Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program as of 2002.

Trouble Signs

The following is a list of possible trouble signs that indicate septic tank system failures:

* Leaching bed ground is frequently wet and spongy;
* Extra plant growth over the leaching bed area;
* Odours coming from leaching bed area;
* Pooling or bubbling of waste water noticeable on the leaching bed surface;
* Well water containing nitrates or fecal coliform bacteria,
* Slow drains in the house.

If you find that your current system has totally failed, our company offers all Preliminary Work for new disposal field application or replacement of an existing failing septic field.

Mcrae’s other residential services include electric drain cleaning for kitchen sinks, laundry sinks and bathtubs as well as problem toilets. Our equipment can handle pipes from 2″ right up to 12″ in diameter. We even offer video camera inspection to find underground problems.

Did you know?

  • Group Rates

    Group rates are available if others in your neighborhood get their tanks emptied at the same time.
  • Detection Services

    Just bought your home and don’t know where your tank or septic field is? No problem, we have an electronic locator for tanks and sewer lines.
  • Preventative Maintenance

    We offer a computer maintenance recall program as a preventative maintenance measure.

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